Hello Stranger!

So… it’s Halloween! Well, it’s 1st October and that counts, because we have been getting excited for a month already. Have you been Halloween hunting yet?

If you’re following my page on Instagram then you will know that I have been eagerly scouting my local stores for the best Halloween decorations and goodies. I have uncovered some truly spooky gems and in some unsuspected places too! John Lewis had a great selection of little decorations and accents and both Home Bargains and Poundland surprised me by having some higher quality items rather than just the standard plastic tat.

Until very recently it had been a real struggle to find good quality Halloween themed items here in the UK. Growing up, there were only 3 places to go and that was, your local fancy dress shop (if you had one), Claire’s Accessories or Poundland. Let’s face it, you’d find the odd cool item and Claire’s had some alternative jewellery all year round… but overall it just wasn’t there. Everything was flimsy, plastic and single use.

This year, I have to say I am so pleasantly surprised that we are starting to embrace Halloween as a real celebration. It is becoming more mainstream and accessible to everyone. It’s not just the Goths and Witches of the world getting excited when the first pumpkin hits the shelves. Sometimes commercialisation can steal the magic from an event, but personally I love the idea that more and more people have something to look forward to together.

American owned companies have really been at the forefront of pushing Halloween into our stores and I for one am loving it. TKMaxx (TJMaxx), who also own Homesense have been the main port of call for the very best quality Halloween homewares. They have everything from exquisite glass skulls to cute hand felted bunting. I visit my local TKMaxx on a very regular basis and have before joked that I live in their home section. I only very recently discovered a Homesense store locally, but I was absolutely blown away the minute I stepped through the door. If you are looking for quality, all year round, spooky ceramics then this is the only place to look.

For daily Autumn and Halloween goodness make sure you’re following The Alternative Shopper over on Instagram. Let me know in the comments how you feel about Halloween and if there are any hidden gems you recommend for fellow Halloween hunters!


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