You’re a Little Hottie! Wax Melts From Bomb Cosmetics

Hello Stranger,

Now that you know what I do for a day job, I’ll like to tell you a little more about some of my favourite products from Bomb. Home fragrance is a big deal at the moment, especially with the cold weather setting in. There’s nothing better on a chilly day than lighting a candle or heating some wax melts.

Little Hotties are a Bomb Cosmetics signature and best selling product. For just £6.99 you get a box packed full of powerful fragrance than can last up to 132 hours in total! You get to choose 4 fragrances per box from an extensive scent range, or you can get a box full of your one favourite fragrance. With 100 different scents to mix and match the combinations are endless. Not only that, but each of our fragrances are available all year round, because let’s face it, there’s always time for Christmas Pudding! We even have a Little Hotties menu on the website full of our tried and tested favourite combos.

My Top Picks

  • I am a sucker for super sweet scents! I love Salted Caramel + Chocolate + Popcorn for a cinema night classic.
  • A cheeky tipple never goes a miss. A bang on trend mix of Gin + Rhubarb&Raspberry + Lime gives you a real kick.
  • Mouth wateringly fruity scents are perfect for spring and summer, but I enjoy them all year round. Try Apple + Mango + Lemonade for a refreshing fix!
  • My absolute favourite smells are fresh from the bakery. I mix Blueberry + Biscuit + Cake for a decadent blueberry crumble muffin blend.

So it’s Autumn and you will have already seen a few sneak peeks of what I’m burning over on my Instagram. Below is a little list of some of the best Autumnal concoctions you can create from the range.

  • AUTUMN PUNCH = Cider + Cinnamon + Cranberry
  • BONFIRE HOT CHOCOLATE = Chocolate Orange + Sugar&Spice + Whipped Cream
  • AUTUMN BREAKFAST = Morning Coffee + Cinnamon + Vanilla Honey
  • GINGERBREAD COOKIES = Gingerbread + Biscuit + Whipped Cream
  • CANDY APPLE = Apple + Toffee + Salted Caramel
  • MULLED WINE = Red Wine + Cinnamon + Cranberry
  • TRICK OR TREAT = Salted Caramel + Chocolate + Liquorice
  • POISON APPLE = Apple + Blood Orange + Liquorice
  • FALLEN LEAVES = Alpine + Sandalwood + Log Fire
Apple + Toffee + Salted Caramel

Now you’ll notice that all of the combos above are a blend of 3 wax melts. It is recommended to burn 3 to 4 pieces at a time for best results and I always start off with 3. If you find one fragrance isn’t coming through as strong as the other two, go ahead and add an extra melt to the mix. As each Hottie fragrance already has a unique blend so I find 3 is more than enough, especially if you don’t have a very large room to burn in. I also very strongly recommend blending spiced scents with milder ones as they can be VERY strong. I once melted Gingerbread with Cinnamon and I had to snuff out my burner and move the whole thing into the kitchen because it filled the room in seconds and just kept getting more intense as it heated up. That may sound like a bad thing, but when you consider that you can fill a room with only 3 small pieces of wax, it makes Little Hotties amazing value for money.

Little Hotties come in all shapes and sizes so quantities will vary depending on the fragrance selections you make. You will get at least 6 pieces of wax for each scent, with the average being 8-10. Not only is that a lot of melts, you can also burn them more than once as there will still be plenty of fragrance in that little pool after the first burn. If this already sounds like value for money, it gets even better! You can get free shipping when you spend over £25 too. Plus, spend £35+ and you’ll receive free gifts too so team up with your friends and save even more!

Have you tried Little Hotties before? Let me know what you thought down in the comments below!

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