Bomb Cosmetics – My Job Smells Better Than Your Job! (Probably)

Hello Stranger,

Let me start off by warning you that this is going to be a SUPER bias blog! I’ve been working at Bomb Cosmetics for well over a year now so it’s about time I tell you a little bit about them.

Where My Journey Began

Before my application to their job advert, I admit, I had never heard of Bomb Cosmetics. I’m sure some of you are also in the dark too. Well think bath bombs, soaps, body butters, gorgeous candles and you’re somewhere close.

I have always been the type of person to gift luxury bath and body products and neglect using any for myself. I have a bit of a complex about feeling like I’m “wasting” stuff like that. Well all of that certainly changed when I was suddenly surrounded by hundreds of beautiful products just waiting to be tried! I can honestly say that my eyes have been opened to the benefits of cosmetic self care!

PSX_20171221_145441 (2).jpg

Bomb Cosmetics

Bomb Cosmetics is commited to creating handmade, cruelty free goodies with as many natural ingredients as possible. All of the candles, soaps, lip balms and shampoo bars on offer are vegan friendly too. Keep a look out for the vegan “V” on the blasters and bath melts though as a few do contain milk/chocolate components.

Our most popular range is of course the bath blasters. There are over 100 designs to choose from in just about every colour and scent you can think of. With that many options you are guaranteed to find something you love! They range in price from £2.29-£6.99 (most are £2.99) so are also a total bargain. My current favourite is Let’s Get Kraken, which is an adorable purple blackcurrant bomb with a cute little octopus decoration. If you haven’t already, you should definitely snag a Bomb Surprise which is a mega blaster that is also like your own little pass the parcel and there’s even a cute squishy pet inside!

PSX_20180212_194621 (2).jpg

If you prefer a more luxurious bath then there are also bath melts called mallows and creamers. They are packed full of moisturising shea butter and essential oils for the most indulgent experience (glass of wine optional). I prefer the more fun designs of the mallows like Zap That, but for creamers I tend to go floral with Flower Bazaar which is choc full of dainty pink petals.


Most people believe diamonds are a girls best friend, but you can never go wrong with candles! Once again you are spoilt for choice with more than 70 sensual home fragrances. Tin candles are a firm favourite and perfect for storing and saving for a rainy day. I find Warm Espresso makes the perfect morning pick me up with huge coffee hits. There are also piped candles which make stunning gifts and look good enough to eat with a delicious whipped top (please don’t try to eat them though!). There is even a whole cocktail range so happy hour can be every hour! New to the candle family are the massive Jelly Candles which retail for £15.99 and burn up to a whopping 50 hours. These are stunning and certainly something a little different for Bomb.


If all that isn’t enough to tempt you then remember that you get free shipping when you spend over £25, which is far too easy when you get stuck into all the goodies on the website. Not only that, but there are almost always free gifts on offer too. Right now you can get a Peppermint Patch Hand wash and a Bath Blaster Gift Pack!

There are literally hundreds of products to explore so I’ll let you get looking by following any of the links above. If you get there quickly you can spin the wheel of fortune and win huge discounts and even FREE products! Don’t forget to have a peek at the Halloween section and I’ll be back to show you more soon!

Let’s Get Kraken Blaster £2.99

Bomb Surprise Blaster £6.99

Zap That Mallow £2.99

Flower Bazaar Creamer £2.09

Warm Espresso Candle £7.99

Peach Bellini Candle £8.99

Rhubarb Fool Jelly Candle £15.99

FREE Peppermint Patch Hand Wash

FREE Bath Blaster Gift Pack

Total: £48.03

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