Chub Rub Saviours

Hello Stranger,

The UK has already had one heatwave which is more Summer than we can handle. So what the hell is happening? I know it was a little cooler yesterday, but for real… Mother Nature is literally trying kill us pasty ass Brits right off! 😅 If you’re a bigger girl like myself, heat brings all kinds of issues. As you can see from the title, we’re going to be talking about the dreaded Chub Rub.

You may have seen my previous post about the epic anti-chafe shorts from Big Bloomers. They are magical undies specifically designed to fit the contours of a plus size body to ensure the most comfortable fit. They are form fitting without digging in at any point and I have to say, they are a perfect anti chafe measure for under clothing and even just wearing around the house. That being said, if you don’t have a pair for everyday of the week, you’re going to need a few more options to keep you comfortable right now.

First up, let me talk about something that absolutely everyone should own regardless; Avon Skin So Soft dry oil spray. It is fantastic to use straight out of the shower for air dried smooth skin. It is an amazing insect repellent (no, really). And of course, it can help you banish thigh chafing. Just spray directly onto your inner thighs and rub all over. It leaves you with a kind of silky barrier to stop your thighs sticking together. I wouldn’t recommend this for other chafe prone areas like the under bust or underarms as it may feel quite greasy and leave residue on your clothing. Overall though, if you’re looking to keep clothing to a minimum in this heat then this is a must have.

Next up, we have Asda Liquid Talc, which is actually a baby product that my mum put me onto. This is exactly what it sounds like, but you may not have seen this before. It comes out of the tube with a moisturiser type consistency and dries down to a powder as you rub it in. Again, this can be applied directly to your inner thigh for a velvety layer of chafe protection. You get a huge tube for only 87p so it’s 100% worth a try. The only issue I had here was that you can’t wear black when you use this… hey, it’s still talc and will still show up on dark colours. You can see what happened to my bed after putting my hand down on it then trying to wipe it off like a fool! 😅

Another staple item that everyone should have at home is Vaseline. This is a health and beauty holy grail product that has so so so many uses. Whether you’re protecting against dry skin, moisturising your lips or using it as a primer for make up and glitter, this stuff works. Well if you didn’t already know, you can also use it to reduce chafing. Unlike the previous two products this can be used all over as it does absorb into your skin. Rub it in to your problem areas then give it a minute or so to soak in before getting dressed. You may need to re-apply during the day depending on what you get up to, but it is so easy to carry around with you. I recommend a big pot for at home and a handy little tin for your pocket or handbag.

Treating Chafed Skin

If you’ve already experienced chafed skin there are also a few cheap and easily accessible products that can help soothe the affected areas:

  • Aloe Vera Gel is very well know for treating burns and calming the skin. It can also aid in repairing damage where skin may have been rubbed away. You can use the gel straight from the plant or you can pick up a pure aloe gel from your local drugstore for next to nothing.
  • Coconut Oil can be used for just about anything and that includes chafe relief. It has great antibacterial and anti fungal properties to protect your skin while it repairs.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil will help by moisturising dry areas left by chafing and rubbing

Do you have any tried and tested solutions to banishing chafing? Sound off in the comments below 🙂

Anti-Chafe Shorts £13.95

Avon Skin So Soft £1.99

Asda Liquid Talc £0.87

Vaseline 250ml £2.99

Vaseline Lip Tin £1.29

Total: £21.09

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