Meet The Corn Snakes!

Hello Stranger,

So you’ve met my Dragons, now it is time to meet my Corn Snakes. These babies are the second additions to my home reptilarium and were an absolute dream come true for me.

20180630_180543 (2).jpg


I had always wanted a snake since I was about 12 so I was over the moon when my (then) snake fearing boyfriend got me a teeny tiny Carolina Corn Snake for my 21st birthday. Athena was just a little red ribbon when I got her and had such beautiful orange markings. I was enraptured by her and thankfully so was my boyfriend! So much so that we had to get Athena a sister so he could have his own snake too. Enter Ghost! We had intended to stick with a Greek Goddess theme for our snakes names, but she was so milky white and loved scooting around when the lights were off, she named herself.


Sassyness +8

Hunger +10

Biteyness +1

Enjoys food, pooping in shed skin and trying to escape. Dislikes include, but are not limited to; baths, men and there not being food every time the vivarium is opened.



Noctournalness +8

Chill +10

Climb +8

Likes trying to get down mummy’s top, climbing things that seem impossible and being spoopy at night. Dislikes when food is not violently wiggled in front of her face, shedding, leaving the feeding tub.

Where Do They Live?

So when Athena and Ghost were tiny babies they lived in clear terrariums side by side so that they could see each other, but still had their own space. Now snakes can be problematic when kept together especially if they are different breeds, sizes or sex. Luckily for us, both snakes came from the same breeder, were the same age and same sex. As they were used to each-others presence we decided that when they outgrew their terrariums we would try cohabitation. We monitored them for the first couple of weeks and saw absolutely no signs of distress or territorial behaviour so our corns went from being neighbours to room mates.

They were so cute together and always slept curled up together in one coconut hide. I made them a little hammock out of the hide they didn’t use. They decided that was better and from then on both tried to be in their together at all times (even when I made them a second one!).

WP_20161002_08_44_59_Pro (2)

As they are growing, Athena and Ghost obviously need more space so are in a much bigger vivarium. They still like to sleep all tangled up together though. My hope is that we can keep these beautiful girls together forever, but inevitably, space in our home will be the deciding factor. If we can only fit 2 smaller vivs instead of one more big viv then we will have to make that decision. Until that day comes, our snaky sisters can snuggle until their hearts content.

What Do they Eat?

Snake feeding is simultaneously one of my favourite and least favourite parts of being a reptile owner. I love watching them strike, I love watching them curl up around their prey and I find the way they eat fascinating. On the other hand, where most people have delicious treats like ice cream in their freezers…I have a big variety bag of frozen mice. Thawed mice can tear in half when a snake tries to rip one out of your hand… Yeah. Also have you ever tried to move a snake when it has just been fed? It can get interesting!

WP_20170304_18_59_37_Pro (2)

The one and only time I have been bitten by either of these babies was when I was trying to return Athena to her viv after feeding. She is a long and skinny snake so she’s a bit of a handful to put away. I had taken the top off of the feeding tub and tilted it into the open side of the viv. I was trying to gently shuffle her back in, but she started to slip out of a small gap under the tub. Without even thinking I put my hand out to grab her and before I had even realised what had happened she had struck and let go. It all happened in a split second because she immediately recognised that my finger wasn’t food. Her teeth are so small that I couldn’t even see a puncture. So just know guys, you do not have to be scared of captive snakes, as long as you respect the animal you are handling you will be just fine.

Snakes in general are such powerful and elegant creatures. I know it is a common fear or even phobia, but most of these feelings stem from things you will have heard or seen in movies. I highly recommend meeting a tame snake to see how you feel about them in real life. Corn snakes are a perfect starting point too as they are quite common here in the UK and very easy to handle. They are not slimy and are definitely not going to try and squeeze you to death. More often than not, they’ll see your arm as a cool new branch and wrap around your wrist and try to climb. They are not going to mistake you for food unless you start waving your finger near their face.

Want to meet more of my reptiles? Stay tuned!

Half of your freezer                                   £000000

Your Twister skills                                     £000000

Your finger if you don’t respect FiFi   £00000000

Total: 15-20 years of joy

+ loads of cool shed skin

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