MILK Make Up- Skin Care Haul

Hello Stranger,

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say if you’re UK based, you probably won’t know much about Milk Make Up. They are primarily a US brand focused on serving face! Despite the name-sake, Milk Make Up is 100% vegan as well as being cruelty and paraben free! Their range isn’t huge, but they offer up staple beauty products that top companies swear by.

While I do see the odd post on Instagram about them, I had never seen any of their products on sale here in the UK. One place that did have a fair selection though, was TKMaxx, who keep surprising me when it comes to beauty products. I managed to pick up the Charcoal Face Cleanser, Micellar Gel and also the Natural Deodorant Stick.

I decided to try switching to these products for a month to see what happens! I am most interested to see how the deodorant fairs as I am a die hard Mitchum roll on fan. Hopefully I won’t be getting to the end of the day smelling like garbage! 🤞

First Up, let’s talk about the Charcoal Cleanser. This retails on the Milk website for $28 so I had high hopes for this product. Do be aware before you try and squeeze the tube there is a foil seal like with toothpaste! The directions state to lather the product in your hands before you apply it to your face, but I couldn’t get it to lather. It went a bit milky (funny that) and didn’t form any bubbles but did feel nice and smooth on my face. I have to say even on first use this left my skin matte and very soft to touch. It’s a huge tube so it will definitely last you for the price and you only need about a pea sized amount per use (I found this out the hard way!). I’ve hardly made a dent in it so far. I will definitely continue using this one until it’s gone and if I can find it again for a good price, I’ll pick up another.


Moving on to the Milk Micellar Gel. I couldn’t see this on the website, but it usually retails for $24. It’s a fair sized bottle with a handy pump dispenser. Now this isn’t your run of the mill pump. Yes, you use it that way up and Yes, it does give you a little bowl of micellar gel. You can swipe the whole dispensed amount to go over your face or dip your cotton pad in so you don’t overload when you’re taking off your eye make-up. I still can’t say I’m a convert to this method of make-up removal. It’s a lot of faff and I used 4 cotton pads even using both sides just for a standard day of eyeliner, mascara and what little was left of my face powder. That being said, the product felt really nice and I like that it was a gel rather than fully liquid as there were no spills. I saw lots of people complaining about the smell of this product, but to me it smells like cucumber and aloe, both of which are pretty standard skincare fragrances. Overall, impressed with the micellar gel, but probably won’t buy again, just because of cotton pad hassle. If you’re used to this method of make-up removal, it’s defiantly worth a try.


The moment of truth…. the deodorant. Ok so I did accidentally reach for the Mitchum a couple of times without thinking. I hid it in the cupboard after the second time! 🙈 I was surprised by this because it actually made my under arms burn! The first time I used it, I put it straight on after wet shaving my armpits as I’m used to, so I thought maybe it was razor burn. Nope! I tried it straight from the shower without shaving and it felt exactly the same. I can only assume that I’m allergic to one of the ingredients so I can’t say for sure if it works or not. I recommend avoiding this one if you have sensitive skin.


Overall I have quite enjoyed using Milk Make Up skin care over the last few weeks. There has been ups and downs, but when it works, it works well. I was lucky to be able to try these high end products for such a good price, thanks to trusty TKMaxx. Each product was only £4.99 so the savings were huge! All stores carry slightly different ranges so its worth checking your local regularly to see what beauty steals they have.

Charcoal Cleanser £4.99

Micellar Gel £4.99

Natural Deodorant £4.99

Total: £14.97

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