Rogue+Wolf Jewellery Honest Review

Hello Stranger,

Rogue+Wolf is a brand I’ve had my eye on for a while now. Their stunning designs and dark aesthetic has helped them gain a cult following over the years and I wanted to be part of it. I’m a fan girl, I love a good band wagon to jump on and I’m a Claire’s accessories goth if ever there was one. This seemed like the perfect brand for me.

Attitude Clothing stock a huge range of goth, punk and alt wares so I check their website regularly for offers. Bingo! 75% off Rogue+Wolf in the sale. There was a fair selection of rings, but not a lot of sizes so I decided to get some as midi rings.

I have to say I was a little bit surprised when they arrived because they weigh NOTHING! They are incredibly lightweight and fragile. You could easily break them with just a little pressure which is almost certainly going to happen to all of these at some point. I can safely say, what you’re seeing on social media… isn’t necessarily what you’re getting in reality.


I was aware before purchasing these that they were going to be 3D printed, but for such a large brand, I was expecting a little more from the quality and finish. You are basically getting the rough straight from the machine as far as I can tell. Don’t get me wrong, the designs are amazing, but unless you’re happy to pay £15-£25 for a ring you can only wear for the Instagram photo… maybe this is not a brand for you. If you get one of these bad boys stuck on your finger, it’s over, you’ll break it trying to get it off. I recommend skipping these if your fingers swell in the slightest during hot weather.

IMG_7716 (2)

I have worn a few of these rings on a standard day at the shops. They are relatively comfortable due to their weightlessness which is nice. Unfortunately, because of the rough matte finish they do pick up quite a bit of residue, fluff and stuff, oh and don’t get food anywhere near them if you’re wearing midi rings! I also got them caught on my cardigan a few times and once in my hair… not cool, but they do look badass.

The choker is nice, but this one was also problematic for me too. I’m a plus size gal… but I wouldn’t say I hold much, if any, weight around my neck. I couldn’t even do it up on the last loop of the extender! It was little more than a bracelet, an anklet at a stretch. Luckily I make jewellery and was able to put the pendant on a longer wax cord from my stash. Also, my big gals may have noticed that they have a plus size section on their website. Oh no, it’s not in the clothing drop down menu, don’t be silly… it’s at the bottom of the menu as far away from the nice normal people clothes as possible… Why tho?????

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Overall I am surprisingly disappointed by Rogue+Wolf. I was so ready to love this brand because their designer(s) are clearly talented, but the quality just isn’t there. I swoon every time I see their jewellery, but now I know to take it with a pinch of salt. I’ll continue to wear the rings I have, because I already took the tags off, but I’ll definitely be sticking to more solid jewellery in the future. When you consider that companies like Curiology are a 2 person team and can product gorgeous, quality, handmade jewellery on a large scale… this looks a little embarrassing. Also I’m totally hinting about an upcoming blog so keep your eyes peeled 😉

Do you own any Rogue + Wolf jewellery? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Unicorn Skull Ring            £5.99

Plague Doctor Ring            £6.49

Awakening Mandala Ring £4.24

Arachne’s Fate Ring            £4.74

Scorpion’s Lure Choker      £3.49

Total: £30.94


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