Lottie London Stamp Eyeliners

Hello Stranger,

You may have seen my previous blog about all the goodies I won from Lottie London a little while back. Of all the amazing things they sent me, the one thing I was hoping for was one of their stamp liners. I seem to have got everything but, so I certainly can’t complain. I’ll just have to place an order… oh no what a shame ūüėČ

Now I had intended to buy directly from their website, but instead I headed over to trusty Superdrug. I’d seen that they were offering a free Star stamp eyeliner when you spent ¬£10 on Lottie London products plus 15% off. Of course I couldn’t pass up getting 3 for less than the price of 2!

IMG_7636 (2)IMG_7640 (3)

I went for the wing stamp eyeliner as trying to get perfect flicks when you’re still bleary eyed at 6:00am doesn’t always end well. I need help and this looked like just the thing.

The eyeliner pen did take a couple of layers to get a decent black on first use. The next time I used it it was absolutely fine, so do bear with it! As for the stamp; It’s a good size, not too big meaning you can wear it everyday without looking wild. Now, I have slightly hooded lids so it did take a couple of tries to get the angle right. No one wants a creased wing! The formula is quite wet so make sure you do a firm but quick stamp or it will bleed out. It dries down quickly and proved to last all day.




I couldn’t resist the heart stamp, because it is just too cute. I think it’s a great way to step up your look for summer no matter what style you go for. I personally love any design just under the eye and these are perfect for that. As it’s so easy to use, it’s also great for lip art!


Now for my free gift, the star stamp. It gives my make-up a kind of witchy vibe which I love. The photo below is the only time I’ve worn this out so far, but it definitely makes good festival make up. I can highly recommend doing a little cluster from cheek bone to upper brow and then smothering it in glitter. Also if you’re dressing up as Kat Von D at any point it’s a must ūüėā

These eyeliner are fantastic fun and you can be as creative as you like with them. From everyday lewks to funky body art. I highly recommend picking some up this summer, especially if you have festivals to go to. Don’t forget to check out some of Lottie London’s new products too like the Lip Foils and Glitter Switch liquid lipsticks!


Wing Eyeliner Stamp    £5.95

Heart Eyeliner Stamp   £5.45

Star Eyeliner Stamp       £5.45

Free Eyeliner Stamp    -£5.45

15% OFF                          -£1.71

Total: £9.69

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