Swatch Perfect

Hello Stranger,

I can guarantee that if you’re a make-up junkie, you love showing it off! Well girls and boys, do I have something just for you!

Swatch It Up

For those who don’t know, in make-up terms, swatching is a way of showing a product in a more true form. Sometimes you can’t tell from the packaging what a product will be like and a lot of companies edit their promotional photos which makes things difficult for online buyers. To create a swatch, a sample of the product is applied to the face or more commonly the arm to see if it is what you are looking for. It can also be used to show products on different skin tones.

If you’re a serial swatcher, you’re in luck, because now you can do it in style. Swatch Perfect are a UK based company offering a variety of re-usable swatch stencils. They are ideal for a clean, crisp display of your products that will take your Insta game to the next level!


My Haul

I made my first purchase recently after ordering a big make-up haul. I went for Bricks 12 Pan, Chevron 8 Pan, Hearts Clover 4 Pan, Lips Minis, Poker Face Singles and the Honeycomb Kit. I made sure to get a good variety so I can use them for both small and large pallets as well as individual lipsticks. I really like the idea of the kits if you are the type of person to buy an entire collection when your favourite brands do a release. Jeffree Star’s Summer collection is coming guuurl! 😉


Swatching  I ❤ Revolution Unicorn Heart and Bleeding Heart Highlighter with the 9 Pan Honeycomb.

I have to admit, while the honeycomb swatch looks ok, the other designs didn’t work that well for me. I also tried the lips and heart, but found they didn’t fit to the curves of my arms and left small gaps no matter how I placed them. I have seen plenty of great results for other people, so I would say this is probably down to me. I have slightly disjointed elbows so my wrists don’t align straight. I am also chunky yet funky so I don’t offer a flat swatching surface at all. That being said, the results aren’t too bad. I’m sure I will try them in different areas to see where works best for me.


Bricks 12 Pan               £2.50

Chevron 8 Pan             £2.50

Hearts Clover 4 Pan    £1.50

Lips Minis                     £1.00

Poker Face Singles      £1.00

Honeycomb Kit           £6.50

Total: £15.00

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